ARK: Survival Evolved

The 2016 installment of the superb action-adventure game


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  • Category Adventure
  • Program license Paid
  • Version 338
  • Works under: Windows 10
  • Also available for Android 
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Studio Wildcard

Ark: Survival Evolved is a new computer game that is also available for consoles. It combines elements of action, adventure and fantasy and became one of the most talked about games of the year after its developers released the first trailer. Though not officially released until 2016, Windows users gained early access to the game in 2015, and they quickly fell in love with its graphics and game play.

The game takes you into a fantasy world with dinosaurs roaming through the wild. You must wander through this world to track down resources that will help you survive and build your camp. While some of the dinosaurs you encounter are quite friendly, others will attack you and your camp. As you keep exploring the world, you'll eventually find better resources that will help you do a better job of defending and protecting your camp.

Though similar to other first-person action and adventure games, this game enables you to interact with around 60 different types of creatures. As you carry out different missions, the dinosaurs might turn up and stop your progress. Slowly, you'll be able to pick up various weapons and accessories that make your weapons more functional, which will help you battle those dinosaurs.

Another unique feature of Ark: Survival Evolved is that you can actually tame some of those wild dinosaurs. You'll need to secure food to feed and train your new friends, but once you do, those dinosaurs will come to your aid during battles. The game features multiple levels and opens up new weapons, accessories, dinosaurs and building components as you level up.

Many of the issues that players encounter with Ark: Survival Evolved occur because the game is still in the early access phase. The beta phase means that the game is still growing and that the developers are still working on adding new elements. It currently has far fewer players online than there will likely be in the future. Right now, there is a very little to do, and this may cause some players to end their play on Ark: Survival Evolved as they want more action and excitement.

For those looking to get in on the ground floor of a popular game, now is the time to join Ark: Survival Evolved. This is the only game that lets you build your own home in ancient times as you battle and tame dinosaurs.


  • Sixty different dinosaurs featured in the game
  • Players can access new weapons and features after reaching a higher level
  • Offers exciting game play online
  • Allows players to battle or tame wild dinosaurs
  • More realistic look than other games set in ancient times


  • Lack of missions and things to do
  • Still in the early access phase
  • Leveling up may require in-game purchases
  • Some resources are hard to find
  • Dinosaur attacks and interactions slow down players' progress
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